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Copper and Turquoise RosaryA rosary is a string of beads placed in a specific order and spacing to help guide meditation and contemplation about the lives of Jesus and Mary on earth. At the Loretto Chapel, we offer a large selection of rosaries or Catholic prayer beads from inexpensive glass to some of the finest sterling silver rosaries hand-crafted by artisans in the United States.  We have collectible rosaries featuring authentic Swarovski rosary beads, Murano glass rosary beads from Italy, carved bone, and wooden rosary beads.  We carry only high quality rosaries--no cheap rosaries here!  In addition, you can find a rosary case or rosary box to keep your rosary close and protected.  And to help the life-long Catholic and the novice alike, we offer a variety of books to guide your prayers and devotions.


Saint Francis of Assisi Jewelry and Collectables


One of the most widely known and beloved saints is Saint Francis of Assisi. Born in 1181 to a wealthy silk merchant in Assisi, Italy, Francis lived a privileged, indulgent life. But rather than take up his father's trade, Francis, famously once gave all of his sale proceeds from a market to a beggar. After having had a vision, Francis began to develop a distaste for his relative meaningless life. He renounced his family, gave up his inheritance, and became a beggar. Francis preached and served the ill as he visited hospitals.  Francis formed the Franciscan Order promoting regula primitiva, the rule stating that they are "To follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and to walk in his footsteps". He created the original manger scene, was the first to be documented as having received the stigmata, "the gift of the five wounds of Christ." St. Francis was canonized on July 16, 1228. Francis had a great love of animals and the environment during his life and tried to broker piece between people and animals. As such, he is known as the Patron of animals.

Feast Day:  October 4

Patron of animals, the environment, merchants, the city of Santa Fe, lace makers, Catholic actions, and against dying alone


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  • We have an extensive choice of rosaries for many occasions and every stage of life.  Starting with baptism rosaries and rosaries for kids, then into Communion and Confirmation rosaries for both boys and girls.  These rosaries will feature a chalice or Holy Spirit dove symbolizing purity and the visible, bodily shape of the Holy Spirit at Jesus' baptism.
  • We have a selection of heirloom wedding rosaries perfect for being cherished then handed down to a daughter at her wedding.  The lasso rosary chain is popular among couples who would like to feature a new tradition in their ceremonies, and it comes as a silver rosary or a gold rosary with an intricate keepsake box.
  • Funeral rosaries can provide a way to focus grief and find peace and remembrance in a time of need.  Memorial rosaries offer a way to remember and celebrate the lives of those we lose while finding serenity through the repetitive prayers.  
  • Men's rosaries tend to be more earthy in color (such as a brown or black rosary), which is why we recommend our selection of wooden rosaries, black or silver stainless steel rosaries, hematite rosaries, or black crystal for rosary beads for men.
  • Catholic rosary beads can reflect different devotions represented through the rosary center.  While most reflect images of Mary, we offer specialty rosaries such as the Divine Mercy rosary, the Carpenter's rosary, rosaries featuring a Loretto Chapel center, and St. Francis (Franciscan) rosaries.
  • Chaplets, or mini rosaries are smaller, usually reflecting one decade of beads.  These pocket rosaries can be easily worn or carried for instant access.  We have many versions from a wallet card, to a rosary ring, to bracelets.  While wearing rosary jewelry for the sake of ornamentation or as mere jewelry is frowned upon, there is nothing wrong with wearing your useable rosary for constant comfort, accessibility, and as a show of faith.  We have many crosses with rosary beads that can be worn as a bracelet, ring, or around the neck.  And don't forget your car!  We carry a large selection of auto rosaries (and visor clips) that can be fastened around the rear view mirror.
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